Birthday Gift Ideas By Zodiac

Have no clue what to get as a present for someone's Big Day? On this page we present you lots of great birthday gift ideas according to Zodiac Sign both for men and women. We hope that it will help you to choose a suitable gift.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Pisces (Fishes)...

Pisces person is creative, honest and hardworking. They search for harmony, beauty and peace.

Horoscope gift ideas for Piscean women:

Silk robe;
Bedding set;
Aromatic oils;
Decorative cosmetics;
Golden or silver jewellery

Gift ideas for Piscean men:

Photo or video camera;
Original painting;
Tickets to the opera or favourite band’s concert;
Unique articles made from bronze, brass;
High quality perfumes

Birthday Gift Ideas For Aquarius (Water-carrier)...

Aquarius people can be perceptive, hard-working, always looking for innovation.

Present ideas for Aquarian woman:

Exotic souvenirs
Oriental perfumes;
Aphorisms book;
Jewellery with various symbols;
A trip to an exotic country

Present ideas for Aquarians men:

MP3 player;
Tickets to modern performance;
Unusual, original interior details;
Art book;
Ambient music DVD

Birthday Gift Ideas For Capricorn (Sea-goat)...

Capricorn people are simple, honest and faithful. They enjoy birthday gifts, which are beautiful and practical.

Present ideas for Capricorn women:

Leather handbag;
Cosmetic bag;
Kitchen accessories;
Good quality cosmetics;
Fashionable perfume

Present ideas for Capricorn man:

Business card holder;
Leather wallet;
Digital equipment;
Brand Watch;
Tool kit

Birthday Gift Ideas For Sagittarius (Archer)...

Sagittarius people are open and honest, like to sport, travel.

Gift ideas for Sagittarian woman:

Exotic interior design elements;
Jewellery made of natural stone;
Classic perfumes;
Travel books.

Astrological gift ideas for Sagittarians men:

Sports equipment;
Subscription to the gym;
Atlas of the world;
Traveling equipment

Birthday Gift Ideas For Scorpio (Scorpion)...

People with Zodiac sign Scorpio are passionate and mysterious, they like to know everything.

Horoscope present ideas for Scorpio woman:

Expensive jewellery;
Rare perfume;
Original work of art;
Aromatherapy kit;
Yoga lessons

Present ideas for Scorpio men:

Study books and movies;
Binoculars or telescope;
Sports equipment;
Travel bag.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Libra (Scales)...

Libra people take care of internal balance, so they need a quiet and beautiful environment.

Horoscope present ideas for Libra women:

Beautiful photo frames;
Perfumes, aromatic oils, salt;
Exotic incense;
DVD with a romantic melodrama;
Stylish book support.

Present ideas for Libra men:

Leather notebook;
Tickets to the theatre;
Intense perfume;
Stylish tie;
Intellectual book

Birthday Gift Ideas For Virgo (Virgin maiden)...

Virgo is the most practical zodiac sign, so representatives of Virgo will be glad to receive something practical.

Horoscope gifts ideas for Virgins women:

Subscription for beauty treatments;
Natural cosmetics;
Good quality perfume;
Stylish interior elements;
Artistic jewellery

Gifts ideas for Virgin man:

Leather briefcase;
Office supplies
Selected delicacy;
Expensive wine;
Art books.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Leo (Lion)...

People with astrological sign Leo will enjoy an exclusive, high quality gifts.

Present ideas for Leo woman:

Subscription for beauty treatments;
Good quality cosmetics;
High quality vitamins;
Beautiful set of dishes;
Gold jewellery

Present ideas for Leo men:

Expensive Champagne;
Gourmet cheese;
High quality lighter;
Elegant watch;
Shirt studs.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Cancer (Crab)...

People with Cancer Zodiac sign are very conservative and attached to their family and home.

Birthday gift ideas for Cancer women:

Elegant tablecloth;
Handmade gifts;
Cooking tools;
Decorative cosmetics;
Silk nightwear

Gift ideas for Cancer man:

Tool kit;
Comfortable bathrobe;
Sauna kit;
Soft fur slippers

Birthday Gift Ideas For Gemini (Twins)...

Gemini will enjoy a birthday gift that will allow them to learn or discover something.

Present ideas for Gemini woman:

A book;
Tickets to theatre or concert;
Magazine subscription;
Invitation to the ceramic or painting lessons

Present ideas for Gemini men:

Reference book;
Intelligent magazine subscription;
Documentary or training DVD;
Travel gift voucher;
Tickets to theatre or concert

Birthday Gift Ideas For Taurus (Bull)...

Representatives of the Zodiac sign Taurus are font of high quality, practical and tasteful gifts.

Birthday gift ideas for Taurus woman:

Works of art;
Classical music records;
Manicure tool kit;
Exclusive chocolates box;
Elegant cutlery

Gift ideas for Taurus men:

Expensive gloves;
Good quality wine;
Intelligent game;
The newest model of cell phone

Birthday Gift Ideas For Aries (Ram)...

Aries people love to stand out from the crowd, they like everything that is unusual and original.

Present ideas for Aries women:

Original, tasteful elements for interior design;
Exclusive jewellery;
Famous intense flavour perfume brands;
Subscription to the beauty salon;
Tickets to the music concert

Present ideas for Aries man:

Sport accessories;
A solid lighter or a pen;
Subscription to the gym;
Luxury tie;
Expensive leather wallet