Funny Bday Rhymes

On your special day...

On your special day
Consider your luck.
You could have been born
As a dog, cow, or duck!

Today on your birthday...

Today on your birthday
I think you should know,
You are getting too old now
To … suck on your toe!

So many candles...

So many candles,
And so little cakes,
But don’t be worry-
You have true friends!
Happy Birthday to you!

Can you sing? Not a thing!...

Can you sing? Not a thing!
Can you dance? Not a chance!
Can you play? Oh, no way!
Can you eat and drink? All day!
Enjoy your special day! Happy Birthday!

How old are you? I’m not keeping score...

How old are you? I’m not keeping score,
I love my birthday, but here’s the thing –
I’m really glad the birthday’s yours,
This way I don’t have to hear you sing!