Activities For Toddlers

Need ideas to play with one or two kids? Or maybe you have a group of little kids to entertain? No problem. Here are some great game activities that you can play with toddlers and preschool age children at home or in the backyard.

Funny Singing

You can choose any song that you all know. The point of this game is to sing this song not in a simple way, but in a funny way. For example you can offer to sing it as a chicken, as a dog, Winnie-the-Pooh, etc.
The first player tells the second one, which animal or character he should imitate.
After the second players sings, he tells what character should be imitated by the third player.
And so on.

Create your own Fairytale

Now turn on your imagination and Create your own Fairytale. Start with a title of the story or just a first sentence. Here are some ideas for your stories:

1. Dog that lived in a cruise ship

2. Man that invented a flying house

3. Frog that dreamed to be a rock star

4. Bear that was a gourmet

5. Caterpillar that became a butterfly

6. Girl that learned to dance like a ballerina

7. Penguin that never saw the ocean

8. Cat that read thousands of books

9. Boy that liked to watch the stars

10. Beaver that built a wooden skyscraper

Animal School

Imagine that you are in the class of different animals (for example, lions, sheep, goats, horses, bears). You are one of them now and have to speak only in their language.

The class has a teacher who can try to explain something, like maths or literature, in the language of a chosen animal. Meh meeeeeh!

Emotional Hands

We all know that human being is special for his ability to experience a lot of emotions. Usually you can tell an emotion by looking at a person‘s face. Mime is the ability to show emotional states by face expressions.

But emotions can be shown in other ways too, for example, with hands, (or you can even try legs later!). Express these emotions with your hands: joy, anger, fear, sorrow, love, friendliness, hatred, and so on.

Morning Exercises

Exercises can be simple or thematic. The main difference between those two is that when you make thematic exercises you stretch your muscles as barbers, chiefs, sellers, or any other professionals you can think of, do. Otherwise you can copy the moves of some kind of mechanical machine, for example, a rotor.

Try new morning exercises that could be named Navy exercises, Firemen exercises, Kitchen exercises, Spacemen exercises, Washing machine exercises, etc.

Following grandfather’s footsteps

One of the players becomes the grandfather, who is walking in the room. Other players try to repeat his movements.

Suddenly the grandfather stops and turns back. All the players should freeze. Those players, who did not freeze quickly enough, are out of the game.

The grandfather is turning back more and more quickly, until only one player is left. He becomes the new grandfather.

One Word

The first player chooses one word, which will be the only answer for the second player to all questions, that the first player asks. Smiling or laughing during answering is forbidden for the second player.

Example: The word is „Hot dog“

1st player: What is your name?
2nd player: Hot dog
1st player: Who is your best friend?
2nd player: Hot dog
1st player: What you you brush your hair with?
2nd player: Hot dog
1st player: What do you use instead of pillow?
2nd player: Hot dog
And so on, until the second player smiles or laughes