Road Trip Activities

When you are on the go with kids at the backside of a car there surely will be a moment when a question ‘Aren’t we already there?’ arise. So put these game ideas in your „baggage“ too, as they will be useful to keep the back a bit calmer, when your travelling company is bored. We hope that with these road trip activities you will spend your long ride in a more fun way!

Create new sayings

The goal of this game is to create new sayings from a given well known proverbs. In the beginning you choose one proverb, for instance it could be „The longest journey starts with a single step“. And the task of the players is to make analogical sayings to this given particular proverb. The saying could be like this:

„The highest building begins with a single brick“.
„The greatest novel begins with a single word“.

What did you like most

Everyone tells about one favourite, the most exciting experience that he had during a week, month or a trip.

Acronym interpretation

Leader of the game should choose one well-known acronym and all the players one after another try to decrypt it. In the end you can vote for the wittiest description.

Examples, how acronyms could be decrypted:
NASA – no aliens seen anywhere
BMW – broke my wallet
CNN – constantly negative news

Another fun activity is to create words using letters of car number plates. Just look at the last 3 letters and make a word.
When car number plate is „303 mrg“, word can be „morning“.

Guessing game ideas

Game „Hot-cold“

One player thinks of an object and other players try to guess it by given directions: warm, hot – when they are close, and cooler, chill or cold – when they stray far away.

Game „What is my profession?“

One player thinks of some profession, and other players should guess that profession buy asking questions, requiring answer „yes“ or „no“.

Tongue twisters

To play this game you don‘t need any preparation, no materials – just your tongue.

Choose one of tongue twisters and say it as fast as possible. The player, who says tongue twister faster than others without messing up, is the winner. Examples of tongue twisters:

A box of mixed biscuits, a mixed biscuit box

She sells sea-shells on the sea-shore

We surely shall see the sun shine soon

Freshly-fried flying fish

I can think of six thin things, but I can think of six thick things too

Red lorry, yellow lorry

If two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch

Trip with a purpose

Players one after another think of city /country and action, starting from the same letter and create a sentence.

For example:

I will go to Switzerland to ski.

I will go to Rome to run marathon.

I will go to Paris to play the violin.

Create a story

First player starts telling a story. He can start with “Once upon a time” or with one sentence and leave it incomplete, possibly ending with words (suddenly, however, then, etc.). Next player continues the story and also cuts his sentence, passing it to another player. The story telling lasts as long as players wish.

For example:

1st player: One day Susan went to a nice park for a walk and suddenly …

2nd player: She saw a small white dog, which …

3rd: Looked lost and very sad, so Susan …

And so on.

Tip: Decide on a genre of the story in advance – will it be a fairy tale, a ghost story or something else.

More complicated way to play this game: make a story without a chosen letter. All rules are the same, but it is forbidden to use one chosen letter. For example all words should exclude letter „c“. Those players, who accidentally have used „the forbidden letter“, are removed from the game. The last left player wins.

The same letter

The goal of this game is to make a sentence using words that start with the same letter.  For example: you decide to make the sentence using words that start with letter „W“. The sentence could look like this:

While we were walking, we were watching window washers wash Washington’s windows with warm washing water.

The author of the longest sentence is the winner!

What’s in a bag?

“What’s in a bag?” could be a fun activity to do in a car. Before leaving prepare a bag that is not transparent and hard enough that others can’t see the form of a thing you’re going to put in it.

Players can ask twenty “yes/no” questions each to find out what is in the bag. The winner then can have a thing. That could be something sweet or some small toys, books for colouring or even things that you could use for the next activity. For example, pencils and note books.

You can also use these ideas for trips with your friends. It’s always fun to have something to do on the long road!


A person waving from a car is quite a rare thing, yet it’s usually fun and brings smiles! Before your trip write down some posters for the people in the cars you’ll meet on the road. Use wide dark marker and heavy paper or cardboard for that. Then give posters to kids and let them show those posters from the car window and see the reactions of other people! Take some extra paper in case kids would have their own ideas to write down! You can also make a competition and count how many people did actually wave for each of the kids!

Sentences for the posters could be:

Wave if you love dogs!
Wave if you love pizza!
Wave if you have a sister/brother!
Wave if it’s your birthday!
Wave if you are famous!
Wave if you’re on holidays!
Wave if you’re happy!
Wave if you’re going home!
Wave if you like ice-cream!
Wave if you like to swim!
And so on.

Guess who you are

One player thinks of who is the second player, while he has to guess who is he by asking questions to which the first player answers only “yes” or “no”.

Only me

Start the game by saying a statement.

Your partner should continue by saying „only me“, and then add his/her own statement.

For example:

1st player: I‘m not stupid.

2nd player: Only me… I never throw garbage on the street.

1st player: Only me…I don‘t eat flies.

And so on.

New names

Think of new names for objects, months, cities and other things like book, shoes, clock, fork, spoon, window, computer, car, lake, etc.

How to use various things differently

Talk about how we can use simple things in a different way than usually.

Examples of items could be a coke bottle, a stone, an old shoe, etc.

For instance, an old shoe could be used not for walking, but also for grow flowers in it, put pencils and parkers in it, drink water, as a pillow while camping in nature, catch a butterfly or a frog, as a house for a rat, etc.


Create a story starting each sentence with words “Fortunately” and “Unfortunately”.

For example: 1st player: „Fortunately tomorrow my holiday starts.“

2nd player: „Unfortunately it‘s wintertime.“

1st player: „Fortunately it‘s possible to travel to warm countries.“

2nd player: „Unfortunately I still don‘t have a ticket there.“

1st player: „Fortunately there‘s last minute offers.

And so on.

What if?

What would you do in a situation like that:

… people could fly?

… you won the jackpot in a lottery?

… children would go to school only on Mondays?

… people couldn‘t lie?

… you could teleport?

… people could read minds?

… you could know your future?

… you could have three wishes granted?

… it‘s the last day of your life?

… you wake up in the morning and realise you‘re the only person left on Earth?

… you‘d have to create a movie scenario? About what your movie would be?

… you can do everything you want without any limitations?

… you have to leave your country where and why would you like to live?

… you‘d have only ten minutes to take things you can cary on you and later have to walk 1000 km?

… you could become invisible? Think and suggest your own situations!


Take a view at the world around you. Discuss the following questions and create new ones (difficulty of the questions depends on the age of the players):

Why does the Earth spin?

Why do cats sleep so much?

Why does the wind blow?

Why tears taste salty?

Why rainbows are visible only in the rain and sun?

Why some mountains always have snow on the summit?

Why moon is different every night or there is no moon at all?