Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl

On this page you will find a cute collection of happy birthday wishes for baby girl with images.  Baby girl is a true bundle of joy, her charming smile and laughter makes life much brighter and happier. Here you will also find 1st birthday wishes for baby girl and happy 2nd birthday wishes for girl. Little girl deserves the sweetest words on her special day. So take a look at these beautiful birthday quotes and lovely cards with birthday messages for little girl.

The best wishes to the cutest...

birthday image for little girl

The best wishes to the cutest little girl that I have ever known! You are just like a sunshine, bright and cheerful, lively and glorious! May you always shine like a star!

Birthday message for baby girl...

birthday image for baby girl

The warmest birthday greetings to a sweet little one! May you enjoy your days of  carefree happiness, adorable innocence and exciting discoveries!

Your smile brings so much joy...

birthday wishes for baby girl

Happy birthday to my little sunshine! Your smile brings so much joy and happiness to my heart. May this day bring you countless reasons to smile and have fun!

Hey, sweetie, it’s your day...

Hey, sweetie, it’s your day! Although you are small in size, you bring huge amount of cheer and joy to everyone who is around you! Happy birthday!

Cutie-pie, your charming smile is...

Cutie-pie, your charming smile is just like a sunshine on a cloudy day that brightens up every dark corner, and brings warmth and cheerfulness. Happy bday!

Watching you is such...

Watching you is such a blissful experience, sweet little girl. You grow up so fast, and one day you will become a beautiful and charming lady. Have a day, filled with pure delight!

Can it be anything...

Can it be anything more adorable than a lovely smile on your innocent adorable face?! May you always keep this carefree happiness in your heart!

Happy birthday baby girl...

happy birthday baby girl

Happy bday to the most huggable and adorable little girl! Love you so much, may you have lots of fun today!

A cute little girl like yo...

A cute little girl like you deserves only the best! Happy birthday, honey! Have a joyful day, full of magic and cheer!

Get the fine dress...

Get the fine dress,
And dress up like princess.
Put on shiny shoes,
And let your hair loose.
Get the most of your day,
And scream: “It’s my birthday!”

Birthday cards for baby girl...

birthday cards for baby girl

My cute baby, today is your birthday and you will stick your cake on your face instead of eating. May you have lots of such beautiful and fun moments in your life!

You are a magician, magnificent one...

You are a magician, magnificent one.
Your smile is shining like the sun.
You are so huggable and sugary as can be.
You are adorable, everyone can see!

1st birthday wishes for baby girl...

Do your little hands and puffy cheeks are ready for your first birthday cake? I hope so, because it’s your birthday, angel girl. Sweet and tasty 1st birthday!


Don’t look so scary into your birthday cake. It won’t eat you, you have to eat it. Be brave,  little b-day girl. Wonderful 1st  birthday!


Close your little eyes and try to think about something sweet. It’s your birthday cake, right? How perfect I know you, cutie. May God bless you. Happy 1st birthday!

Happy 2nd birthday wishes for girl...

Sweet sweet baby girl. You are the most beautiful and cute. I adore you from your eyes to your feet. Happy 2nd birthday!


Get ready to eat something sweet today. It’s your 2nd birthday, so ice cream and cake are coming your way!


Happy 2nd birthday little honeybee! Wishing you a very happy birthday filled with greatest fun!