Birthday Wishes For Teenagers

Your child’s birthday is a big deal especially when he/she is entering into the teenage years. You need to be prepared for some challenging years ahead as children of this age range tends to develop some sort of rebellious streak, so managing these attitudes can be daunting. On this special day, more than gifts and presents, he/she needs your apt support. He needs to know that he can always count on you and believe that no matter what, he would find you standing right next to him. Words have the power to melt hearts, so here is your chance to let your child know how much he means to you. Here is a collection of birthday wishes for teenagers:

Welcome to the teenage world

Welcome to the teenage world! Wishing you a wonderful birthday, may you always get everything you want in life! May you get love and happiness from everyone, happy birthday!

Enjoy these wonderful

Enjoy these wonderful teenage years because you will never see them again. Wishing you a fantastic day, buddy!

I don’t want to tell you

I don’t want to tell you ways to grow up because you have always been an amazing child. All I want to tell you is- be honest and be an achiever. Happy birthday!

Birthday message for teenager

Today we are all here for you and we wish you nothing but the best, because that’s what you deserve!

You’re a teenager

You’re a teenager, you are wild, young and free, gotta make these days count, because you won’t be young forever! Let’s make this day unforgettable!

Congratulations, you got older

Congratulations, you got older! On your Big Day we wish you ocean of fun and joy! May you never lose your stunning smile!

Happy birthday to a beautiful girl

birthday wishes for teenage girl

Happy birthday to a beautiful girl and amazing friend. You can always count on us, we all promise you that, with us you will never be alone and you will never be sad! So let’s get the party started!

When you are near

When you are near, the sun is always shining – it’s because of your wonderful smile! Never lose it! Have a great day filled with nice surprises, honey!

Here we are all gathered up

Here we are all gathered up to wish you a happy Big Day! We love you and we will stick by your side no matter what! Happy birthday honey!

May joy and happiness

May joy and happiness flow on your birthday and all year through! We love you, have a great time today, buddy!

Great things, beautiful flowers

Great things, beautiful flowers, true friends and happy hours! May your Big Day bring you lots of amazing moments and everything what you are wishing for!

Being a teen is hard

Being a teen is hard, and we all know that all you need is happiness to survive, so that’s what I wanted to wish you today – endless happiness, joy and laughter!

Birthday wishes for teenage girl

Happy birthday girl! We all know you will have an amazing day, because we’ll help you to make it really special!

Today is the day you hit puberty

Today is the day you hit puberty, heh, it’s actually really amazing, because your body and everything in your mind is changing! We hope you don’t change with him! Happy birthday!

We are all here today

We are all here today to wish you a happy and amazing birthday, we will be by your side all your life, never forget that!

Let’s make today special

birthday wishes for teenage boy

Let’s make today special and memorable, not like any other birthday, but something new,
So let’s make a toast, to new discoveries and new great things in your life! Happy birthday!

Here we are, celebrating your

Here we are, celebrating your 16th birthday, you’re almost grown up, but in our heart you will always stay our amazing little boy!

The special day has come

The special day has come,
We hope you have a happy one,
May all your wishes come true,
And all your sorrows flow through,
Happy bday buddy!

Today is no ordinary day

Today is no ordinary day, it happens only once a year,
That’s right, you guessed it – it’s your birthday dear!

We will miss you when you

We will miss you when you walk out that door all grown up, but we know you will not forget us no matter what happens, and you need to remember that we will be there if you need us! Happy birthday!

Birthday wishes for teenage boy

Happy birthday to an amazing boy that will become the most amazing man in the future. We believe we raised you well! Enjoy your day, dear!

May the stars be with you

May the stars be with you when you are sad,
May the sun shine on your cloudy days,
And we hope you never lose your amazing smile!
Happy bday!

Birthday greeting for teenager

Today we are all here to celebrate your birthday! We hope you have a successful future, and we hope you find happiness everywhere you go!

We know you’re growing up

We know you’re growing up and you won’t be our little boy for much longer. We are proud of you and wish you happiness, joy and lots of true friends!

Today I wanted to wish

birthday wishes for teenagers

Today I wanted to wish you the most amazing day! I believe that you will have a great future and luck will always be by your side!

Birthday wishes for teenagers

Teenage years can be the best or the worst stage of your life. It all depends on how you live it. Put all your focus on your studies, stick to your goals and never take bad habits. Happy birthday, son!

You are not just

You are not just a beautiful teen, you are the most pretty and beautiful queen we have ever seen. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

My dear, you are

My dear, you are not just unique, you are special. May God give you the strength and wisdom to understand the difference between right and wrong, happy birthday!

On your birthday, I want to

On your birthday, I want to let you know that no matter your age, you will always and forever be our bundle of bliss, thieving candies from the jar and undulating in your pyjamas wishing you a happy birthday!

Hurray, you are now

Hurray, you are now officially a teenager, happy birthday and welcome to the teenage years!