Birthday Wishes For Cousin

On this page we present you a nice collection of happy birthday wishes for cousin. Looking for ideas how to greet your cousin sister or brother on his  special day? Here we have collected lots of cute and funny bday greetings, choose the one that you like most and post it on his Facebook wall, send by email or text message. Feel free to change greeting words, so you will make your birthday wish more unique and personal.

Cousin, today is a very...

birthday cards for cousin

Cousin, today is a very special occasion – your birthday! We all hope you have a happy one,
may all or sorrows come to an end and all of your dreams come true!

Birthday greeting for cousin...

Today is a very special day, because you are turning 21! You are a true adult and I wish that this birthday becomes the most memorable one!


May today’s sun shine bright
and today’s birds sing loud,
because today is a special day,
its your birthday!

Today I wanted to wish you...

Today I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, because these don’t happen every day, and it just doesn’t happen without any effort, you have to believe that you are happy, and there will be a happy birthday!

Happy people believe...

Happy people believe that their future is bright,
they believe that things will get better if they are bad
and I wish to you lots of happiness, everything else will come with it!
Happy birthday, cuz!

Birthday message for cousin...

Today is no ordinary day!
A little birdy told us it’s your 10th birthday!
So we hope you have a delicious cake,
And you like all your presents! Happy birthday!

Dear cousin, thank you...

birthday wishes for cousin

Dear cousin, thank you for being here with me today, and I wish you the best of luck in your future, you have so much ahead of you, and if you need us, we will support you with anything! Happy birthday!

Look up in the sky...

Look up in the sky, you can see clouds and a beautiful sun!
Look around you, there are loved ones that never leave you!
We are all here today to make this day unforgettable!
Happy birthday!

It’s so easy to be happy...

It’s so easy to be happy, it’s so easy to be calm, just like you are all the time!
But today you must let loose! It’s your birthday, and we wish you lots of love!

Wishing you a happy birthday...

Wishing you a happy birthday, even if we don’t talk much, but I still wish you the best of luck, I hope you live an amazing life! Happy birthday!

Birthday cards for cousin...

The great moments that we shared are among the best moments of my life. I‘m so happy to have such a special cousin! May you have a perfect birthday!

Happy birthday cousin...

Happy birthday to my incredible cousin! You are a true source of joy and inspiration for me. May you have the most wonderful day!