Birthday Wishes For Employees

On this page we present you a collection of birthday wishes for employees. All of them are nice and professional. We hope that you will find the greeting text that you like.

Happy birthday to an amazing...

Happy birthday to an amazing employee!
Wishing you great achievements in this career,
And I hope that you have a great day today!

Being an employee...

Being an employee here for so long makes you very valuable!
So today I wanted to say happy birthday to one of the most amazing employees of the company!

You are a wonderful worker...

You are a wonderful worker and you deserve a great birthday, my gift to you is a raise and promotion! Happy birthday and take the day off!

Today is a day of great things...

Today is a day of great things, not only because of your birthday. Today you get a promotion!
I know that you’ve been waiting for it for a long time, so here’s my birthday present! Happy birthday!

Today is no ordinary day...

Today is no ordinary day, today is a birthday of a great person an a very valuable employee here! Happy birthday to you!

I’m proud to call you...

I’m proud to call you my employee,
And I hope that you will be for many more years,
I wish you great luck in your career,
Happy birthday!

We are working...

We are working together for many many years,
and I hope we still will be for a long long time, happy birthday!

May the next year of your life bring you...

May the next year of your life bring you the courage to soar higher, the confidence to take unprecedented action, the humility to accept your mistakes and the tolerance to understand others! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

When you’re young, you’re too busy trying to...

When you’re young, you’re too busy trying to achieve the impossible, when you’re old, you’re too busy figuring what was so impossible to achieve. Today seems like just the right age! Have a great Birthday and a great year ahead!

On your Birthday see how many more horizons...

On your Birthday see how many more horizons you have to conquer, how many more dreams to live, how many more happy times to witness and how many more milestone to achieve in life. We are delighted to wish you a Happy Birthday!

We really should say it often...

We really should say it often,
For certainly it’s true,
That every day we’re grateful for
A super employee like you!
Make the most of your big day today!